Apartments Elio are situated just 200 m from the sunbathed beaches and clear sea. We are offering you everything for your pleasant holiday. Come, visit us, and assure you in our quality offer and in the kindness of the host. Umag is appropriate for many sport and recreative activities.

We offer you 7 apartments:

A1 receives 4 +2 people

PICT0-138.jpg PICT0-142.jpg PICT0-149.jpg
PICT0-150.jpg PICT0-153.jpg PICT0-159.jpg

A2 receives 2+2 persons 

PICT0-165.jpg PICT0-170.jpg PICT0-172.jpg

A3 receives 2+2 persons

PICT0-176.jpg PICT0-179.jpg PICT0-183.jpg
PICT0-186.jpg PICT0-187.jpg PICT0-188.jpg

A4 receives 4+1 persons 

PICT0-193.jpg PICT0-195.jpg PICT0-199.jpg
PICT0-201.jpg PICT0-202.jpg PICT0-205.jpg

A5 receives 2+2 persons

PICT0-210.jpg PICT0-214.jpg PICT0-216.jpg

A6 receives 6 persons 

PICT0-223.jpg PICT0-226.jpg PICT0-231.jpg
PICT0-234.jpg PICT0-237.jpg PICT0-241.jpg

A7 receives 9 persons

More information you can get by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone number +385(0)95 9098 368.